Upgrading OEM to

It’s been some time since last I was involved with an OEM upgrade, so as with all upgrades, I started with the online documentation for OEM 13c. Once I had a reasonable understanding of what was required, I had a hunch to double-check MOS for any additional checklists, and lo and behold I came across EM 13c: Checklist for Upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control from Version to 13.2 (Doc ID 2199855.1)

Once the change control window opened, my first task was to upgrade the repository database to Database upgrades are no longer a task to be feared, and this process completed in around 50 minutes without any incident.

Next up was the big one, the actual OEM upgrade. Here again, I’ll take my hat off to the product/development teams working on the software these days. Barring one or two things, which I’ll elaborate on in more detail shortly, the upgrade itself was relatively painless! Everything completed as expected, and came up properly once the upgrade was complete. I know right…you were expecting more!!

So let me recap some of the obstacles I ran into:

  1. If unknown to you, verify the deployment size prior to commencing the actual OEM upgrade. In 12c, you can find this from the “Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Repository” global dropdown. This is ensure that all the necessary database parameters are set correctly in advance, so that the installer does not have to be restarted
  2. Not all of the available plugins ship with the installer, so if you have any of the plugins deployed listed on this page…download them ahead of time and issue the runInstaller command with the PLUGIN_LOCATION=<absolute_path_to_plugin_location> option
  3. The environment I upgraded makes use of Oracle Unified Directory, and as a result ran into Bug 22682267. Fortunately, there was a (Unsupported) workaround listed in the bug notes, which was to manually execute some of the SQL scripts located in the plugin archive directory to create objects which were missing. The only disconcerting thing was that this bug was listed for 13.1, and it seems as though it’s crept into the 13.2 release as well.

Post upgrade, all the agents are still uploading and the agent upgrades that I’ve tackled thus far have also been seamless. The biggest issue I have had, was that other users of OEM complained that certain dropdowns were grayed out and no longer accessible.This is something that the documentation may have made more prominent, but there is now a finer level of security that can be permitted to users of OEM. More information can be found at EM13c : Flexible DB Access Control on Database Pages (Doc ID 2144788.1). Fortunately this only needed some more reading, and was resolved relatively quickly.

Thus far I’ve successfully completed the discovery of the customers’ SuperCluster as a managed target, and during the course of this week, I’ll do the same for the Private Compute Appliance. Once all of this has been done, I’ll be digging into the metrics available (Those agents have already been upgraded) and that should provide some more meat for my next blog entry!

Until then, I’d love to hear if anyone else has decided to take the plunge and what your experiences were…so please share your thoughts/comments below.

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